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Network Documentation

NetworkDocOld learning, revisited. Your documentation should be WHERE you need it! Case in point, critical ports on a network switch, critical links in a patch panel, put labels in place so there’s no guesswork, no need to search out documentation. Haven’t done this yet, but really tempted to have a 3×5 card taped near the key area that has “things you really ought to know” written on it.

Does this replace the need to document elsewhere? Well, it is hard to read those labels on the front of the switch when you’re hundreds of miles away remotely connected. 🙁


Flashback Friday: Blinkey Lights

FlashbackFriday150Flashback Friday. This post first appeared October 20, 2006.


Blinking Lights

I can’t believe I never posted this before, but I went to reference it and couldn’t find it.  So, if you’ve heard this before, I’m sorry for being repetitious.

BlinkyLightsSometime a number of years back, about the time we were getting ITDiscuss kicked off, a few of us were sitting around a table talking about network monitoring (bandwidth issues) and what tools we used.  There was a lot of silence.  Then somebody (may have been me) sheepishly admitted “I watch the blinkey lights.”  Kind of similar to the Roundtable discussion on network monitoring regarding “a lot of calls tells you things are really bad,” we sort of all came to the same conclusion — we look at our switches and use a highly scientific method of determining network traffic:

  1. If the lights are all off, that’s bad
  2. If the lights are on solid, that’s also bad
  3. If the lights are blinking, not too fast, not too slow, then that’s good

Do you use the “blinkey light” method of monitoring your network utilization?


PS: Would you spell it blinky or blinkey?