Google Docs for Critical Network Documentation?

Would you ever use Google Docs for documenting a network? Consider a church that has limited on-site IT support, uses some volunteers, some contractors, does some outsourcing, maybe more. What’s a good way to share information that any of them might need, even when not on site?

Why not just use Google Docs?


  1. The price is certainly right
  2. It’s easy to get to
  3. Sharing is easy. Controlling that sharing is easy too
  4. Any and all who have permission can make updates, even at the same time


  1. OK, it would be a terrible place to store sensitive information like passwords
  2. If it’s shared, it could be easily re-shared. (perhaps no worse than anything else)
  3. If no Internet connection, no documentation. OK, that’s sort of lame, but could conceivably be an issue

Other thoughts:

  1. It’s easy to back up
  2. Version control is somewhat built-in
  3. Why is this so exciting? And so scary a thought at the same time