65+ Years – What Has Improved?

ENIAC. Considered the first “real” computer, ENIAC was introduced in 1946 and turned ENIACon in 1947. Here we are nearly 70 years later and technology has sure changed. The average SmartPhone is way more powerful. The dollar store calculator is probably a good rival to what ENIAC could do, at least in some respects.

But, is life better? Didn’t we start down this technology path with the idea that life would get easier? How’s that working out for you?

Sure, we can get a lot more done, we can “know” more about anything and everything, and what we don’t know, Google certainly lets us find. That’s all great. My income for most of my adult life has come from technology, and I’m rather pleased with how that has worked out. My guess is that we’re still in the early stages and that we have a lot more excitement ahead.

Has life become any less complicated? Have computers made our lives easier? Don’t think I’d want to try to defend that position in court!