A Few Things I Like about ClickHost

ClickHOST Web Hosting

ClickHOST Web Hosting

My blog is hosted by ClickHOST. I’m very happy with that decision. Here are just a few of the things I like about ClickHOST:

  • Quality of what they do
  • Like the company ownership (Hi Carel)
  • Great service when I need it (which is rarely)
  • Unlike another well known company, I don’t feel the need to wash my hands after every interaction
  • I’ve seen something go wrong and how they respond! Let’s just say I was favorably impressed
  • They know how to connect with great partners for site development and such
  • When they can offer special pricing, they do!
If you are looking for a host, please consider them. Will you do me a favor? Click here to start. It may save you a bit (note the promo code above), and it builds a little credit for me.

1 thought on “A Few Things I Like about ClickHost

  1. Carel

    Hi Tony, thank you for all the kind words! You are a great friend of myself and ClickHOST.

    One correction: We now have new pricing. It starts at $5/month for 3year prepaid on the BASIC plan. We’ll be providing new banner ads soon.

    Keep up the good work!

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