Generic Staff Orientation: Getting Help, Helping Yourself

HelpWileyCoyote100x138Problems and Solutions: Getting help, helping yourself

The Knowledgebase
A great “first place” to look for an answer is in the Staff Knowledgebase. Do a simple search for a keyword or two you think fits your question. Special request – if you can’t find something you think should be in the Knowledgebase, let us know so we can add it.

The ?5-15 rule?
Don?t know how something works? Consider this approach. Spend at least 5 minutes trying to figure it out yourself. ?You are not allowed to ask for help until you?ve spent at least 5 minutes.? But, don?t spend more than 15 minutes on your own. After 15 minutes, you must ask for help. Thanks to Tavie Allan for this concept.

Getting Tech Support
Does your organization have a preferred Single Point of Contact (SPoC) for technical support? If so, certainly start there.

For Higher Ground Technologies tech support, the right answer is to call 901-333-7777, option 1. Calling or emailing Tom or Tony (or Kevin or Charles or anyone else) is not categorically wrong, just not best, especially if you?re in a hurry.

Before you call, identify your computer name. There is probably a label on it with this name, and generally there is a renamed My Computer icon on the desktop that matches. If your machine doesn?t have a label on it, please contact your office administrator or internal IT support person ASAP to get one!

Thanks to the good folks at ThinkMinistry for the SPoC idea, and the humor to go with it.

Which are you?

  1. ?I don?t know how to do that, somebody will have to show me or teach me.?
  2. ?I bet there?s a way to do that, I think I?ll figure it out.?

Can you be a “2?”