Generic Staff Orientation: Remote Access

sort of hate that I have to mention the FLSA stuff here, but such is the law.

Accessing the network from out of the office
RDCiconThe staff network is accessible from nearly any Internet-connected computer, anywhere. (More motivation for using good security practices) Remote access is something you should discuss with your supervisor — it?s not appropriate for everyone due to Fair Labor Standards, among other reasons.

Remote Desktop Connection is widely available and pre-installed on almost all Windows-based computers. (You can often find it from Start .. All Programs .. Accessories.) ?The program is available for Macs, Linux-based machines, tablets, and even your Smartphone, although the frustration level from trying to work a full-screen app from a Smartphone is something to consider.

When you launch Remote Desktop, you will connect to {TS Name}.

When you are done, be sure to log out (not just exit the session)

FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) issues. Just because you can access the network from home, or elsewhere, doesn?t mean you should. There are some very specific reasons why you maybe should NOT. Please discuss this with your supervisor. By FLSA standards, accessing your account from home means you are working.