Generic Staff Orientation: Where Are Your Documents?

The specifics here will vary for every organization, but the concept should be similar.

WhereIsMyStuff100Where are documents (files) and folders (directories)?
Your documents and folders are generally in one of two places. The H (home) drive, or the S (shared) drive.

H: Just your stuff that nobody else should ever need to access. Example: your staff appraisal.

S: Anything that qualifies as ?corporate data? which someone other than you might need access to, especially if you were to be unexpectedly away from your job for a while (such as being sick).

Important: A particularly bad place for documents: your desktop. Instead, put them on your H: or S: drive, but put a shortcut onto your desktop. Worth mentioning: email is also a bad place to save documents.

Computer?s C drives should be considered as mostly a place for programs, not documents. Sure, there are exceptions, but that?s the norm.