Dream Job

Had an opportunity to assist at a career ministry last night helping with a networking session. In the opening minutes, shared this excerpt from Tony Morgan with the attendees:

Dream role is the intersection of three concepts:
  1. Am I good at what I do?
  2. Do I enjoy what I do?
  3. Will someone pay me to do it?


If you?consider the responses to those three questions, not every position is the best fit. For example?

  • Hobby?? You?re good at something and you really enjoy doing it, but no one will pay you. That?s a hobby.
  • Job?? You?re good at something and someone will pay you, but you don?t enjoy it. That?s a job.
  • Unemployed?? You enjoy doing something and someone is currently paying you, but you?re not good at it. That?s when most employers fire people. (Of course, churches tend to pay people to do things they?re not good at. That?s a topic for another day.)