Flashback Friday: The Best Book I Ever Read

FlashbackFriday150This post (repeated further below) first appeared back in August of 2006.


I like to read. I would like to read more. Finding time, or better, making time, is difficult, yet important enough that I’m making it a priority. If I can spend 30 minutes a day on reading, that’s a good day! I continue to start far more books that I finish. I collect books that I sometimes never read. Then there are the few, new, great ones that I’ve read in the intervening years. Here are a few standouts:

  • QBQ! The Question Behind the Question, John G. Miller
    I have probably read this book, or listened to the audio, more than a dozen times in the last four years. I regularly put it into my “daily read” queue and take it on a chapter a day. Highly recommended. Closely related are Flipping The Switch, and Outstanding!
  • EntreLeadership, Dave Ramsey. Good stuff, even if you aren’t an Entrepreneur
  • TransForm, Jeff Haden. A bit different from the normal. A bunch of plain, “obvious,” practical advice. Jeff makes a great guarantee on this ebook as well. You can’t lose!
  • A Year with C. S. Lewis, Edited by Patricia S. Klien. This book has been part of my daily reading for years. Amazing new insights keep getting slipped into this book, year after year
  • Leadership and Self-Deception, Arbinger Institute. The unexpected! I needed (still do) to get “out of the box!”

What’s on your reading list?


The original post, duplicated:
The Best Book I Ever Read

Books I like to read, and were it not for the other necessities of life, I’d probably spend many hours a day devouring all sorts of books.

Due to some combination of “easily enthralled” and “short memory,” I often find myself commenting about how my most recent book* is The Best Book I Ever Read.? Now, I know that can’t really be true.? So, when you hear me talk about a “best” book, just know that probably means it’s what I’ve just finished.? I really do believe, for the moment, it’s the best book I’ve ever read!

Recent favorites:
The World is Flat
A Whole New Mind
Raving Fans
In Search of God Knows What
Simply Strategic Growth
A New Kind of Christian
The Story We Find Ourselves In
Healing the Hardware of the Soul
Every Man, God’s Man

* I should mention that I start a lot more books than I finish.? If a book hasn’t grabbed my attention pretty quickly, it goes on the shelf and may never get another look.? Occasionally I’ll retrieve one of those books and try again.? For instance, This Present Darkness is one of the very few that went from “not interested” to “wow” on the second attempt.