The Value of a Real Book

BookWithNotesI’m happy with the transition to paperless. I like reading books on a tablet. But sometimes there is something about a real book; the feel, even the smell, and the different ways a?real book can be marked-up. Or add sticky notes.

I’ve disposed of a lot of my old books in the past few years. I will probably never read any of them again. And I miss them!


1 thought on “The Value of a Real Book

  1. Anne Lalinde

    Absolutely agree! Plus although you can access the file of the book on the tablet – who knows in 20 + years if you will be able to access it. The media forms evolve so quickly. So, I personally have fiction and books that I don’t think I will ever reference again on my Nook but still purchase hard copies of books that I think I may want to reference at some point in the future.

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