User Advocacy, or Action Transformation Methodology

Action Transformation Methodology. Isn’t Transformation what we want when it comes to equipping staff? (Isn’t it sort of the goal in almost everything in life?) Action Transformation Methodology is not a term I came up with. In searching out training concepts I stumbled upon this phrase on the site of Sherry Bevan Consulting, and instantly liked it. Legal Service Desk Consulting — now that’s a field quite foreign to me, not to mention that the site is in the UK. Still, interesting overlap with training, learning, user experience, and lots of other phrases that I’m trying to condense into one concept.

ButterflyHere’s my “batch of words,” that apply to that broad area of helping people get stuff done (more enjoyably):
Instructional Design, User Training, User Experience, User Interface, Software Design, “Trusted, Friendly, Used,” “Easy, Enjoyable, Effective,” “natural extension of the individual,” User Advocacy, “Training vs. Learning vs. Using,” Proficiency, Corporate Learning, User Engagement, Employee Engagement, Skill Transfer, Knowledge Transfer, Simplify, Clarify, Discovery, Involve*, and finally, the Escalator idea.

  • Regarding “Involve,” here’s a quote that speaks well to the idea:

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
–Benjamin Franklin

?I’m still looking forward to that day when products, especially software, will be so intuitive, so natural, that training will become a lost word (somehow, I don’t think 2014 will be that year). Until that happens, how do we improve the user engagement process? Action Transformation sure seems like a nice phrase. Got a better one?

Now, what’s a job title that goes with that? User Advocate sure comes to mind.