JST: Ten-Ten-Ten


10Consider this a light hearted overview of the job-search process. Don’t take it too seriously, but don’t ignore it either. Special note: working on your resume is NOT in the top 10!
The first ten things to do when looking for a job.
  1. Get extremely specific about what you are looking for. There is no demand for generalists. You can only be hired when you meet a known need
  2. Know how to introduce yourself in a few seconds
  3. Build target company list. What kind of company: size, location, product/service. Why?
  4. Build contact list
  5. Network with?employed?people
  6. Learn how to ask questions. Be helpful to others
  7. Marketing plan. Stories, messages, key points. Short and simple
  8. Business cards, networking document. How do you want to be remembered?
  9. Be reachable AND “findable.” Email, phone, mailing address. Be professional in all
  10. Message Templates
The ten things you must do?before?those first ten
  1. Get some accountability
  2. Drop any hint of pride. Be willing to ask for help. Be coachable
  3. Only employed people can offer you a job. Plan to be where employed people are
  4. Get ready to work hard. Devote a minimum of 40 hours to the task. 60+ is more reasonable. Make sure you have a place to work
  5. Take care of family situations that will impact your search. Yes, that’s hard. Your spouse, or family, can be your greatest asset (your secret weapon). Or your saboteur. If your home life is “crazy,” it will destroy your search
  6. Systems: Contact Management. Filing. Follow-ups. Create organization, use it, no exceptions!
  7. Input. Be a reader (or audio program listener). Focus on attitude and Motivation. (QBQ! or?Flipping the Switch, or?How to Win Friends…?are great starting places)
  8. Deal with finances, etc. Assume the worst — cut the costs
  9. Be sure you know who you are — assessments. Ask friends for your blind spots
  10. Close skills gaps
The ten things to be sure you do NOT do before the first ten
  1. Do NOT start with your resume
  2. Don’t start by begging everyone you know for a job
  3. Don’t badmouth your previous company, or manager, or anything else about your previous situation. No negatives!
  4. Don’t listen to the negative news
  5. Don’t hang around with family and friends who are generally negative. (Find people who think you are wonderful)
  6. Don’t mass market yourself before you have a clear plan
  7. Don’t dwell on the past. Be future focused. What can you do now, and in the future
  8. Don’t try our 1970 (or 80, or 90) job search approach. The world has changed. Get with it
  9. Don’t ignore any social media presence you may have. What you’d said will be uncovered. Make sure it’s all good stuff
  10. Don’t burn time. Don?t allow yourself to become comfortable being unemployed

Special thanks to Art Jones who named this the 9:40 document: 10, before 10, before 10:00.


Last updated: 9/30/2014

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