Beginnings: Embrace Paradox

Embrace Paradox

ParadoxBillboardOver and over I get slapped in the face with things that just can’t possibly co-exist. Opposites. Contradictions. Big things and small.

Scientists, engineers and mathematicians tell us things like:

  • Light is particles. And waves
  • Parallel lines, if extended to infinity, cross
  • Space is warped
  • Time and gravity impact each other
  • Time speeds up or slows down depending on how fast your are moving
  • Time doesn’t exist. (but didn’t it yesterday?) So how does it slow down?

Funny how these same scientists will use conundrums to “prove” that God isn’t real. Sure, there are many biblical and Christian paradoxes. I’ve made a list of a few.

Paradox. Conundrum. Contradiction. They are all around us. Life gets easier when you embrace them!

Last Updated: 10/18/2014

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