Debit Card Compromised

I’ve now experienced that awful feeling of having my Credit/Debit card credentials compromised. Maybe this was from the Home Depot breach (seems most likely) but could have been something else. Tuesday, several unusual charges hit my account in quick succession. Kudos to USAA for detecting the issue quickly, then equally quickly making it “not my problem.” Two days of a zero bank balance was a little tense, especially being the first of the month as I’d already committed payments, but on the third day, fund were restored and I started being able to breathe again.

A physical card was presented! This wasn’t somebody having recorded my card data, such as at a restaurant. This was slightly more sophisticated. Appears to have even been multiple cards, used in a very short succession of time. In a matter of minutes, my balance was wiped out. Not at all a fun way to end a month.

Thanks USAA for great service putting things back together again.

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