Flashback Friday: Prioritization Fun

FlashbackFriday150Flashback Friday. This post on prioritizing is from August 2006.

Prioritization Fun

I just did a fun (as in take a risk, hope you don’t get fired!) little exercise for our management staff.

To start, I put a few “project” names on some 3×5 cards and put them out for review with a comment like “I think we’ll all agree these are the top projects that IT needs to be working on.”
(Don’t worry if you can’t read the cards — that’s not the point.? If you do read the cards, don’t read too much into any specific product or company names)

That generated the appropriate “Yeah, that’s about right” response.? So far, so good.? There was also one “but what about…” question.? Perfect!

So, I mentioned there were a few other somewhat important things going on and put a few more cards down:
Once again, there was general agreement and some “ah, I’d forgotten about that” sort of comments.

But wait, there’s more.? Now I pulled a deck of 3×5 cards from my pocket and put quite a few more down:
Now there was less commentary.? No disagreement, just rather silent acknowledgment.

I never got to the rest of the deck, but here’s the way it would have looked if I’d managed to get everything on the table.

I did get to wrap up with one more little bit of fun.? I managed to mention that I hadn’t had time to put everything on 3×5 cards, so I dropped a piece of paper with a long list of items on it on top of the cards.

It was fun.? So…how do you deal with an overwhelming pile of projects?