JST: Job Search Strategy

Job Search Strategy

StrategyA very important early step in a job search is to have a strategy. Even better, have a great strategy. Haphazardly applying for every job you see, calling everyone you know and saying “do you know of a job?”, or whining about the lack of jobs available, are far too often what job seekers do. I guess that’s a strategy, but not much of one.

A high-level overview of a search strategy would cover these basic items:

  1. Define specifically what you are looking for
  2. Know where you want to look (region, city, maybe even area of a city)
  3. Find companies that need what you’re looking for where you want to work
  4. Develop contacts within, or related to, those companies
  5. Craft your various messages for how to approach people
  6. Network, network, network

Certainly, you will need to build systems for how you’ll manage contacts and follow-ups. You’ll need a resume. You’ll need to build a quality LinkedIn profile. You’ll need business cards, a professional email address, and much more. Don’t let these actions become your strategy.

Here’s an interesting article from CAREEREALISM that addresses job search strategy, The 3-Step ?Beat Unemployment? Plan.

Do you have a strategy? Do you have a great strategy?

Last updated: 10/14/2014

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