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JST: Other Resources

Other Resources

The Job Search Tips on my blog are offered as a resource for Job Seekers. They are my writing, but rarely are they original ideas with me. There are many other great job search resources available, some free, some affordable, some, well, way beyond what I’d consider paying. Unfortunately, what you pay does not always represent what you get, so be very careful and choosy.

ReferenceLibraryI’m certainly biased, and my opinions don’t work for everybody. So, with that in mind, here are a few alternate resources and some commentary.

Career Focus Consultants. Especially if you’re in the Nashville area, this is one to check out. Rich Leipzig is one of the most personable Career and Job-search consultants anywhere. Through Career Focus, he offers one-on-one coaching, some classes, accountability, networking, and more. He has even extended his reach and now works with Lipscomb University on career coaching.

Career Handler. By far my favorite recommendation. If you are choosing exactly one source for information, this is the one I’d suggest, no reservation. There’s a very modest cost of about $25 for the workbook, and you get some other benefits included. Use this link to save a few dollars. If you are in the greater Atlanta area, also check out Perimeter Jobseekers, a small group format gathering for job-seekers, usually hosted by Eric Handler, the author of Career Handler. Career Handler is a concise, step-by-step, guide to a career search, with great how-to guides.

Crossroads Career Network. Crossroads has been the foundation for many churches and their job and career ministries. They provide resources, they create a network of organizations (churches) who have services, and they provide many of the materials for a modest fee, or free. Generally, you will connect with a church who uses the Crossroads materials, but there are some resources directly available from the Crossroads website. A caveat. Different churches use Crossroads materials different ways, some well, some not as well. If you have multiple Crossroads-connected churches in your area, it is worth your time to check out more than one.

C3G. C3G, or Christ Centered Career Groups, is the brainchild of Peter Bourke, who is also involved with Crossroads. C3G is much more focused on networking than on job search techniques, although through networking you may find many techniques. C3G originated at North Point Church near Atlanta. Others elsewhere have begun to use the concept. If you attend a meeting, be sure to go through the registration process which allows you to join the mailing list.

Joel’s List. Joel’s List isn’t really a job-search resource. This is an Atlanta and vicinity list of networking? opportunities. On the basic assumption that networking is a key to finding a job, and that it’s better to network with people who have jobs, Joel’s list gives you quite a few such opportunities. I wish I knew of similar lists for other cities.

Keith Warrick. Keith is a very active business person who just happens to occasionally teach on how to better use LinkedIn. I mention him here NOT to invite you to connect with him. Actually, I suggest you read his profile for instructions on inviting him. If you ever have an opportunity to be at one of his presentations, I highly suggest it!

Occupation Professor. Occupation Professor is one of the several business activities of Dan Whitenack, who is also the leader of the Cross Pointe Church Career Ministry (CPCCM) where I volunteer. Occupation Professor is focused on helping you find what career best suits you. If you are in a Career Search, it’s a great starting point. There is often useful Job Search advice as well.

Others: Jeff Haden who writes for LinkedIn, Inc, and others, often has great articles related to job searches. So does Seth Goden. And Stacy Zaper. And Liz Ryan. LinkedIn Pulse is a great resource. There are thousands of great resources. And thousands of not-so-great ones. See if my sampling above gives you a good start, then consider being very selective about adding others. Note: don’t be like me and get distracted reading “just one more” article. Set a time limit.

Last updated: 10/14/2014

You can find all my Job-Search related articles here. Please remember, a job search is normally an ordered set of steps. If you try to skip steps, it usually doesn?t work out well.

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