Conundrum(Yes, that is the plural of Paradox, I looked it up)

Paradox: “truth standing on her head to get attention
–G. K. Chesterton

Maybe conundrum would be a better word. You choose.

I’ve been a collector of some oddities for years. Below is a sampling. This particular set is slightly theology oriented. Keep in mind, I’m not a theologian. I believe God operates in paradox all the time. In many ways, “paradox” is another name for God! So, with that minor introduction, here are a few things that I find interesting, or even perplexing! I hope no one perceives any irreverence in this. Certainly not my intent!

  1. God wants communication/connection/relationship, yet is invisible/silent!
  2. Lose your life to find it
  3. Die to live
  4. First will be last, and vice versa
  5. Servant vs. leader
  6. Understanding vs. childlike faith
  7. Free will vs. predestination
  8. Our “call” to be sinless; original sin; the plan for salvation before the formation of the world
  9. God is not the author of sin; Satan’s fall from heaven (sin even in heaven?); Satan’s placement on earth of all places!
  10. Desire/Pleasure (lust) vs. Obedience
  11. Humility vs. God’s glory
  12. Male sexuality vs. purity/fidelity? (or female attractiveness vs. fidelity)
  13. Man is made in the image of God, yet not to be like God (especially in glory)
  14. God is spirit, we are physical
  15. Spiritual warfare — we’re told of it, to be prepared, but it’s invisible to us!
  16. Faith vs. curiosity?? (less of a paradox, perhaps)
  17. Spiritual warfare vs. the Peace of God
  18. God’s “love for all” vs. the billions apparently destined for Hell.? (created for this very purpose according to Proverbs?!)
  19. Complete surrender (to Christ) to have victory.? (must fail to succeed?)
  20. God’s testing vs. Satan’s tempting (God does not tempt)
  21. God is truth vs. use of lies [espec in old testament]
  22. God’s sovereignty vs. our ability to sin
  23. Prayer vs. God’s sovereignty.? Is prayer like fuel?? Does it change God?
  24. Sovereignty vs. fatalism (why try?)
  25. Omni-present and invisible
  26. God’s wisdom vs. man’s foolishness
  27. Trinity – a single spirit vs. Christ praying to the Father.
  28. Power is revealed through vulnerability and risk
  29. Greatness is shown in humility
  30. Wealth is revealed through giving away
  31. Love is revealed through Sacrifice
  32. Victory comes through surrender
  33. God as father, yet few (none?) examples of good fathers in the Bible
  34. David, man after God’s heart, and Solomon, wisest who ever lived.? Both miserable failures at family, both enticed by sex
  35. Selfish Wants lead to dissatisfaction, even death!
  36. Want of heaven is usually weaker than want to immediate gratification

What would you add?