Too Long, Too Short?

LongAndShortPencilsThinking about reading of “stuff,” articles, blog posts, email, etc., but not so much books. I’ve become very picky about the length of articles I’m likely to read.

It is amazing how quickly things filter into the read now, read later (which may be never), and discard now. Length is a big factor. Is this just laziness? Get to the point quickly or it hits the trash. This is also something I’m trying to teach myself. Keep it short! One of my favorite quotes, which I’m trying to make into my own life lesson:

— Scott Adams


Some examples:

Seth Godin. Seth can say more in two sentences than many people say in pages!

Jeff Haden. I’ve learned that most of what he says I want to read. He gives compelling headlines that usually confirm my thoughts. I tend to save and re-visit much of what Jeff writes.

Chris Huff. Chris manages to regularly touch on topics that I refer back to over and over. He’s like Seth in getting quickly to the point.

James Clear. James is my negative example. Perhaps great stuff, but over my length limit most of the time so I’ll never find out. Sad (for me, maybe for him too)

Michael Hyatt. On the border. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I usually like what he has to say, I sometimes take the time to read what he writes. Again, sad for me and him too.

Nightingale-Conant email ads. I have purchased a LOT from NC through the years. I’m on their email list. I cringe with each new ad. It’s been years since I read far enough to get to the bottom line. Wonder what I’m missing?

What’s your limit? I’m kind of thinking this post is pushing my limit!