JST: A Few Guiding Principles

GuidingPrinciplesA few guiding principles

If these things are already obvious to you, great. If they are obvious to you, but you’re not living these principles, well, time for a gut check! Don’t let yourself get stuck being non-productive or doing unwise things.

  1. Accountability – you need it
  2. A job search is hard work
  3. Only employed people can offer you a job. Go where employed people go
  4. Get comfortable meeting people. Learn to introduce yourself
  5. Know what you?re looking for so others can help you. If you are at all confused, others will be more confused
  6. Be professional. In everything
  7. Be approachable (and be findable!)
  8. Drop any hint of pride. Be willing to ask for help


Last updated: 1/13/2015

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