Son of the President of the United States

Many people who know me don’t know that I’m the son of a President of the United States. Amazing to think so many are so uninformed 🙂


A few years before his death, I was with my dad as he was talking to some people recounting experiences from Korea. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he tossed in ?Did you know I was the President of the United States for about 30 minutes?? What?! I thought ?this is it, he?s completely senile.? But no, he had a great story. While my dad was part of the armistice commission, President Eisenhower decided to visit Korea. My dad was planning to attend the parade where Eisenhower was going to be. Just as he was about to head out for this parade, my dad was approached by some of the presidential ?handlers,? looked over quickly, and they said something like ?you?ll be perfect for this job.? They asked him to put on a different jacket and hat (military) and ride in the back of an open convertible down a main street. He was given the great honor of ?being? the president! He rode down the street, smiling, waving, etc. He said it was much later (days, not hours) before he realized maybe that wasn?t such an honor 🙂  But it was still a good story.