Good Friends, Good Job

Good Friends == Good Job

A few years ago, Perry Rhue and I were developing some material for a Career Ministry Presentation and we talked about the value of friendship. Kind of out of the blue, we added a graphic to our presentation. Almost silly.

We thought about this a few minutes, and decided not to use it in the presentation. But it caught our attention. That was about FIVE years ago. I continue to think on this. As I look around, this seems to hold true. Most people with good jobs (great jobs!) also have good friends. So, which comes first?

Is this perhaps the easiest job search solution ever? Develop good friends!

1 thought on “Good Friends, Good Job

  1. Mickey

    Great post! Most of our hires have been friends of existing employees, so it certainly holds true there.

    Not only do we get the right skills, but it’s generally a smoother culture fit as well. We certainly look beyond our current connections when hiring, but those established folks are often the best bet.

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