Introduction to Approachable Christianity

Introduction to Approachable Christianity

For the most part, this series is written for me. I’ve had these nagging thoughts and questions for many years. When answers couldn’t be found, well, I got started. Consider this a “conversation with myself” that you are welcome to listen in on, and also, contribute to. If you have better answers, especially in everyday language (no deep theology please), jump in!

So many Christians, so many view-points. That just can’t be right! Did Jesus set out to confuse us? That doesn’t seem possible. We are told the Holy Spirit is our counselor. Counselors help explain things. How have we missed it all these years?

Have we been misled? OK, maybe, sadly we have a long history of that. Or … have we just been complacent? I think that’s my situation. To avoid conflict, or to not be embarrassed for not understanding, I just drifted along in the Christian mainstream and flowed along with the crowd. That just doesn’t seem to be what Christ called us to!

Maybe, just maybe, we’ve been lazy. Or God may have us waiting for his timing. Moses was called by God, then God “delayed” him for 40 years! What was on his mind all that time?

Compare to science. Forget the phrases like “trust the science.” That’s never been the scientific method. The scientific method is to always TEST the theory.

I offer all this very open-handedly. This is for me. And all of it is offered with the simple idea that “I could be wrong!”

Worth Wrestling With?

“A good theology doesn’t just come by hearing and accepting it. When you get into the deep truths of the scripture you have to wrestle with it. You have to earn a good theology.”

— Randy Pope

I enjoy wrestling with Christianity’s awkwardness. How about you?

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