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LaSD, Chapter 17

Part III

How We Get out of the Box

TD> More than halfway through the book and now we’re starting to get to the solution.

Chapter 17. Lou

TD> These authors are good at getting a lot out of few words, or in this case, one word, 3 letters. Yet I can already guess where this is going!


Last chapter implied that all people problems are related to MY self-betrayal and included a tease that the solution to most of the problems is about some central type of self-betrayal.

Page 121

Tom meets Lou Herbert, the legend who nearly destroyed, then made, the company. Total surprise to Tom.

TD> I love how Tom is dumbstruck and Lou knows how to start the conversation. That’s something I want to learn!

Bottom of the page

[Lou] “It’s almost like I’m already dead, isn’t it?”

TD> So sad that we sometimes save great stories til people die! Most of my life I would have been afraid to laugh at a statement like that. Now I think it’s hilarious! I’d like to be laughed at like that!

Page 122

Middle of the page

Tom’s nearly instant comfort with Lou.

Lou quickly gains Tom’s confidence; Tom tells him all about how thinks went with  Todd & Laura.

[Tom] “Best night I’d had with Laura and Todd in at least five years.”

Near the bottom of the page

[Tom] For the first time in a long time, I went to bed with no hard feelings toward anyone in my home.

Page 123

Tom explaining that Laura was confused by his attempt to explain the box and all.

One-third down, Lous agrees its hard to explain in a hurry.

TD> Maybe that’s part of why this book is as long as it is and hard to summarize!

Lower part of the page

The concept of doing “In the box” training events and including family.

TD> Oh, I would love that! Could this be done in just one evening?

Bottom of the page

Bud comes in. “As usual, there aren’t enough last minutes.”

TD> Sounds like an excuse! Delivered with a smile, I suspect.

Page 124

Top of the page

Bud explaining that Lou was the surprise he’d alluded to the day before and how they were lucky.

TD> Company founders, CEOs, etc., (Pastor emeritus) who continue to show up. I like that.

Toward the bottom of the page

[Bud] How as Todd through this evening?

Todd was about the same as usual, but Tom didn’t seem to mind.

TD> There was no apparent change in Todd, but Tom had changed, and the relationship changed because of it. I can identify with this with Stephen, my “problem child.” Sounds like Lou may have a similar story coming up tomorrow…

The closing lines indicate that Lou’s story with his son is the story of Zagrum’s turnaround.

Chapter Summary: How many days has this Bud, Tom, Kate, and now Lou, conversation been going on? Two? Maybe just 1 plus now this morning session? Reading it across days, makes it seem longer, but I think it’s all been back to back. We learn some of the backstory of the source of this material. Troublesome children can be the make or break. In this case, the stories have great redemption.

The side story, Lou, once a jerk, now someone who makes everyone feel at ease. The kind, fatherly (or grandfatherly) helpful, caring, friend of everyone.

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