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LaSD, Chapter 23

Chapter 23. Birth of a Leader

Last chapter was about Lou and his story of enlightenment in Arizona, where he learned the material we’re not learning, and ending with his need to “go see Kate.”

Page 166 & 167

Lou and Carol’s changed plans and Lou’s urgent need to get back home, then go see Kate. Including his need to take her a ladder. Slightest of back story about how Lou had rejected Kate’s idea for a sales prop, which had led to her, and others, resigning and Lou instantly firing them and having them escorted out of the building.

At least on page 167 there was the bit of Kate busting out laughing seeing Lou with the ladder across his back.

Seems we get a little extra glimpse into Lou, of the past, in that he had a limo driver. Perhaps just airport transportation, or maybe this was his everyday transportation. Nothing more mentioned about it.

Page 167 through the end of the chapter, across 3 hours, Lou tries to explain what he’d learned. Lou thinks he botched it. He does realize,  “… it wasn’t so important what I said. She could tell, whatever it was I was talking about, that I meant it.”

TD>  Sometimes meaning goes way beyond the words. Thinking about those rare moments when I communicate a point even though the words are so wrong. What is it about honesty, transparency, or some other quality I can’t even name, that makes some interactions so profound and meaningful? What is that “next level” of communication, beyond just the words? Figure that out and write the book. You’ll make millions!

Lou tells Kate that he has some ideas, but needs her to help flesh them out. Not too surprisingly, Kate wants to think about it. Lou agrees and says he’ll be waiting by the phone.

TD> This sounds like pre-cell phone days. I wonder if Lou really did wait by the phone, for hours, maybe days?

Chapter Summary: Lou retells the story of the end of his experience in Arizona and how it changed him and he had to go see Kate. He accepted that she might say ‘no,’ but he had to ask her to come back. He tried to explain what he’d learned, and maybe she got it, maybe not, but she could tell it was something Lou really meant. Lou really wants Kate back, and she is, understandably, cautious.

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