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LaSD, Chapter 24

Chapter 24. Another Chance

Last chapter ended with Lou having tried to explain all that he’d learned in Arizona, and how much he needed Kate back. She was understandably cautious and said she would have to think about it.

Page 170

Obviously Kate did call, agreed to come back, and together they created the company that Zagrum is today.

Mistakes were made.

[Lou] The only thing we id really well at the outset was to cover with our people the ideas you’ve learned over these last two days. That initial process and change made a big difference.

TD> Do you think Lou could have remember all he’d learned in two days in Arizona, enough to turn this into a new lifestyle, or were there maybe some phone calls, or even consulting visits, to get the whole process right? Regardless of how it was done, it worked!

Middle of page 170 and through page 171 and onto 172

Bud takes over for Lou and continues the story. Over 20 years, added a second and third phase to the effort that lead to what Lou calls a “Accountability Transformation System” that greatly reduces common organizational problems, including:

  • Minimizes self-betrayal
  • Focus people on accomplishment, not justification
  • Creates a system where people focus on others instead of self. Lou adds the kicker: if you’re focused on other, what are you NOT focused on?  Self!

Restated: “In a disciplined, sustained fashion, we keep people focused on results and on others.” Blame is replaced with responsibility-taking and accountability.

About one-third down page 172

[Tom] What about seeing those underachievers as people?

[Lou] Letting people go is a behavior [that can be done in or out of the box] … In the unfortunate case where we have to let someone go, we aim to let a person go, not an object. It’s an entirely different things.

[Tom] realizing (to himself) that his future at Zagrum depended on getting this right.

TD> The irony. As they are in the midst of a conversation about how the accountability transformation system is about others he makes it about himself. Apparently undetected, or at least unmentioned.

Toward the bottom of the page

Tom says he’s ready for phase 2, and Bud says he’s not. With a smile.

Page 173

Bud reiterates that Tom isn’t ready, but that he’s not really different from anyone else. Sets up plan to talk again in about a week, and sets the expectation that Tom is in for some hard, but rewarding, work.

Middle of the page

[Bud] By the way, … I have some homework for you.

Through the end of the page and the start of page 174, Bud asks Tom to think back to when he worked with Chuck Staehli. The challenge, were you looking to help or were you looking for things to go wrong? Who’s trust did you earn?

Middle of page 174

Bud gives Tom a card. Not exactly a summary of the book, but some good pieces.

Here it is, clipped together from the two pieces spread across two pages.

The “card:”

Toward the bottom of page 175 and onto the top of page 176

Lou goes back to the story of his son, Cory, and how two months after dropping him off they made the ride all the way out in the wilderness to pick him up. Now we learn that Lou and Cory had been exchanging letters during these two months. Very deep letters, full of feelings

The rest of page 176

Lou tells the story of the reconnection. Hugs and sobs and the statements from each of “I’ll never let you down again.”

Page 177

Lou connects family and work. Companies fail for the same reasons as families. People resisting others who they should be connecting with.

Final lines from Lou, “we don’t know who we work and live with — whether it be Bud, Kate, your wife, your son, even someone like Chuck Staehli — until we leave the box and join them.

TD> Pretty clear at this point that Lou doesn’t fully share Tom’s super-negative opinion of Chuck Staehli. And maybe by this point Tom is softening too.

And suddenly we’re done! We don’t know what else happened. Is that a setup for another book? Arbinger has done two more related books, but neither of them continues this story, at least not directly.

Chapter Summary: Kate does return to Zagrum and she and Lou implement what he has learned, crating what they call an “Accountability Transformation System” that helps everyone focus on the goals and each other, rather than self-justification. Lou gives a little more of the story of reconnecting with his son, plus he challenges Tom to rethink his thoughts on Chuck Staehli.

And we’ll never know the outcome!

Here’s the reminder diagram Lou gave to Tom, perhaps on a laminated card.

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