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IMG_6141_Crop1Office Operations and Processes ? Coach, Consultant ? User Advocate ? Reformed Perfectionist ? Connector ? User of Technology ? Life long learner ?? Mentor & Mentee

Tony Dye, Consultant, Coach,?Office Operations

?Better Processes for Better Operations?

Tony has spent most of his career in and around the computer industry which gives him a bias for processes. He’s much more interested in better use of existing technology than the specific development of technology. In most respects, he’s a user advocate, helping users have better experiences with thechonly, or “making Technology Mre Effective.”

Tony has been associated with many aspects of the computer industry through the years. While working on an Electrical Engineering degree at Georgia Tech he ?accidentally? (or providentially!) became involved with computing right at the beginning of the micro-computer revolution and owned one of the very first ?hobbiest? computers. He has been involved in software development, user interface design, system administration, web design, project management, user training, onboarding, coaching, accountability systems and process improvement.

Having worked with and developed home-grown operating systems, as well as Unix, DOS, and Windows, he had the fortune to serve as Microsoft liaison for an early Windows NT adopter which gave him considerable inside connections to Microsoft. In 1997 a great dream was fulfilled when he became the IT manager at Perimeter Church which allowed him to use his technical background in a more direct ministry role.

Since 2007, Tony has helped people and organizations through coaching, consulting and contracting. Accountability, knowledgebase development, onboarding, outsourcing, process development and training are recurring themes.

Career Highlights:

  • 2007-present???????????? Coach, Contractor, Consultant: Technology, Training, Accountability
  • 2006-present???????????? Ambassador & Patriarch for the Church IT Network
  • 2012-2015????????????????? Higher Ground Technologies – Technology Evangelist
  • 1997 – 2008???????????????? Perimeter Church — IT Director
  • 1991-1996?????????????????? Intergraph Corporation — Technical liaison with Microsoft
  • 1982-1990?????????????????? Lanier Business Products — Word Processing development team

Side interests of Tony?s include helping Job Seekers through Career Ministries and developing a collection of articles, Beginnings, that are things he wishes he knew earlier in life and maybe others have the same needs.

The Church IT Network

CITNLogo125Tony is one of several people trying to help Church IT people connect with each other to further the use of technology in ministry. Please check out http://ChurchITNetwork.com for more information.

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