Do You Have a Reference for Your Beliefs?

I’m thinking Christianity and the bible, but the question is valid in a lot of other ways too! For anything you believe, what is your basis? I run into a lot of people who say things like “I’m a Christian, but I don’t read the bible.” Or “I believe in God but I don’t believe […]

What is the cost of healthcare services?

What is the actual cost of any health procedure? Excerpt from a medical form: You go for a procedure, the “cost” is say, $350, it’s billed to insurance, and the “agreed to” price is like $175 and that’s what insurance pays, and seemingly everybody is happy. Per the above excerpt, basically just for the asking, […]

Put Dates on Things!

Just feel like being nit-picky today. These are things that are very important. Well, to me. This might be a Peter Drucker idea, although I don’t really remember where I got it. Just sounds like him. Put a date on everything! A real date, including year. If only I could retroactively teach this to my […]

Do you have more than one priority?

If so, how is that working for you? Priority used to be a simpler word. It was, by definition, just one thing. Maybe we should go back to that. At least, only one priority per day. Can you stretch that to a week? A month? Imagine if you focused your attention on just one thing […]

Stepping Back in Time

Over the weekend I needed to hand draw a scale drawing of some construction plans. I’ve had most of this stuff, and a lot more, since my days in Engineering Graphics 101 at Georgia Tech. What a fun reminder of a time long ago!

Excellent Advice for Living

This may have far more good advice than my “100 things” will ever have! What a great and simple book. Heads-up, there’s probably very little in it that you haven’t already heard. The book is written, mostly, as very short sayings or quotes that are easily tweetable if that’s what you want to do. Kevin […]

What is the Gospel?

I have two books in front of me, each with the same title, What Is the Gospel?. A quick search on Amazon shows LOTS of books with similar titles! So, apparently others are a bit confused about this. As Christians, isn’t the gospel the main thing we are all about? Yet, in informal conversations, many […]

How Do You Carry Business Cards?

How do you carry business cards? This is a serious question! In our casual world, where we don’t wear suits or jackets, where do you carry business cards? How do you carry them in so they don’t get all bent or worn? Maybe I complicate things too much. I like to carry a few of […]

Tires, Tubes, Patches, Plugs

Stray thoughts, and how we got from there to here. Back in the day … For the first 50, or 60, or more, years of automobile tires, tires had inner tubes. The tire had the shape, but the inner tube held the air. If you got a nail in a tire, you generally went to […]