LaSD, Chapter 10

Chapter 10. Questions Last chapter ended with Kate and Tom walking together to the follow-up meeting with Bud, and Kate being very aware of Tom and his background. Tom’s question of what to do when it’s impossible to get out of the box with someone. He was thinking of his wife, Laura, but hadn’t said […]

LaSD, Chapter 9

Part II. How We Get in the Box Chapter 9. Kate That’s a simple title! Last chapter Kate Stenarude called out to Tom as he was deep in reflection on how well his conversations had gone with Sheryl and Joyce, but not with his wife. Page 59 Kate was the last of Tom’s eight interviewers. […]

LaSD, Chapter 8

Chapter 8. Doubt Last chapter ended with Bud giving Tom the assignment to think of people at Zagrum and how he viewed them, from in or out of the box. TD> I can so identify with Tom’s internal contradictions. Strangely both more and less secure in his job, and simultaneously feeling far better about himself […]

LaSD, Chapter 7

Chapter 7. People or Objects Last chapter ended with Bud knowing the name of the lady who had upset Tom, by erasing the whiteboard. Apparently Bud knew the whole story before Tom told it to him. Page 42 2nd paragraph [Bud] “It seems you made quite an impression.” TD> Not the impression anyone wants to […]

LaSD, Chapter 6

Chapter 6. The Deep Choice That Determines Influence Quick look back at the last line of yesterday’s chapter. (Bud speaking to Tom) “Remember, I have the same problem that you have.” Page 32, top third [Bud] … no matter what we’re doing on the outside, people respond primarily to how we’re feeling about them on […]

LaSD, Chapter 5

Chapter 5. Beneath Effective Leadership Page 22 and top of 23 Bud’s story of Sierra, and how he came on board at Zagrum, worked hard his first two weeks completing a lot, but leaving one assignment incomplete. Near the middle of page 23 [Bud] … I noticed I was the only person in the group […]

LaSD, Chapter 4

Chapter 4. The Problem beneath Other Problems Top of Page 18 [Bud] Have you ever heard of Ignaz Semmelweis?” (Pronounced Ignawts Semelvice) Semmelweis, a European doctor, obstetrician, mid-1800s, Vienna General Hospital. A research hospital. Pages 18-20, the astonishing, and sad, story behind germ theory. TD> Hospitals of the past. Current hospitals are scary enough, but […]

LaSD, Chapter 3

Chapter 3. Self-Deception Pages 11-15 The mixed stories of thrill and despair concerning children. Far too common! The workaholic, away from family. TD> Why are they talking about me! Working hard, but not engaged. Isolation, loss of vision, actually making trouble for others, intentionally or not. The appearance, or at least the self-belief, that others were the source […]

LaSD, Chapter 2

Chapter 2. A Problem Page 7 First Paragraph “You have a problem,” Bud continued. “The people at work know it, your wife knows it, your mother-in-law knows it. I’ll bet even your neighbors know it.” Despite the digs, he was smiling warmly. “The problem is that you don’t know it.” TD> Well, that’s a great […]

LaSD, Chapter 1

Part 1. Self-Deception and the “Box” Chapter 1. Bud Page 3 Second paragraph. “… about to be introduced to a senior management ritual peculiar to Zagrum …” TD> Just imagining the fear plus exhilaration of being called to a meeting with a top leader, hearing that it will be great, but not having much detail. […]