Complacency about Hell

Complacency about Hell Much of our Christian theology says people without a relationship* with Christ will end up in hell. An awful place beyond our worst nightmares. Forever. If we believe that, why are we so complacent? If we do not believe that, then what do we believe?! (and is there scripture evidence for that […]


Biblican (Credit to Ken Fransen for this term, although it may not be original with him.) We have a lot of denominations in Christianity, and there are a lot of other religions in the world. It can get confusing. In the United States, we are seeing more and more churches that aren’t part of any […]

Truth Telling

Truth Telling and Truth Seeking probably overlap a lot!

Blind Faith?

Lessons in Chemistry (Apple TV) is an 8-episode series that grabbed my attention. It touched on so many things: attitudes of the 1950s, discrimination of many forms, abuse, suicide, and sort of a favorite topic of mine, science vs. religion. The show is full of terrible language, unfortunately, but of course that didn’t stop me […]

The Two Parts of “Believe”

A while back I asked what it is to be a believer. Same idea, for Christians, what does it mean to “believe?” Years back, John Fichtner of Liberty Church in Marietta, GA dug into what it is to believe, across many sermons and handouts and such. Our English word doesn’t really address all it means. […]

What is the Gospel?

What is the Gospel? Christians use this term all the time. We speak as if everyone understands it. Ask around and see how many different views you get! Charles Spurgeon summarized it in four words: “Christ died for me.”My rephrase takes seven, “Christ rescued me by taking my place.”Too simple? God is holy and cannot […]


Some of us, especially some of us who are a bit older, grew up hearing the [shorter] Catechism, or at least some subset of it. The idea of Catechism is to have a series of questions, and answers, to help teach the basics of the Christian faith. I’m not sure I know anybody who really […]

Are You a Believer?

Are You a Believer? When someone asks, “are you a believer,” what is that question supposed to mean? During the Christmas season, we see signs and phrases like “I believe,” or “I still believe,” and they refer to Santa Claus. Back in the 60s, the monkeys had a song, I’m a believer. Have you ever […]

The Distinction of God’s People

The Distinction of God’s People “And you will again see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between those who serve God and those who do not.”Malachi 3:18 Should this apply to Christians today? I suspect so. When you think of “Christian” does the idea of serving God instantly come to mind? Thinking about […]

Do You Trust the Bible?

As a follow-up to Do You have a Reference for Your Beliefs, here’s a great (and troubling, and exciting) example of challenges to the bible, excerpted from The West Wing, Season 2, Episode 4, from October 2000: Does this make it clear to you that the bible can’t be used as a reference? Or, does […]