Are You Teachable?

OK, let me be honest, this question is for myself. Am I Teachable? Strongly inspired by The Key to Everything, which I’m already reading (actually listening to, via Audible) for the second time. Teachability is almost a synonym for humility. And pride is clearly a roadblock to teachability. QBQ has the same idea: “Wisdom: What […]

A Time and a Place

People who know me well say that I’m disciplined, or structured, or ordered, or sometimes “Linear” (which is probably intended as an insult, but I like it!). And sometimes I’m frazzled. Things go well for me when I have a structure for them. And I like creating those structures. The key for me (and probably […]

15 Years on Gmail

Today is my 15th anniversary of using Gmail. I kind of remember thinking this could be interesting ? and wondering if it would catch on? :)

Beginnings: Hunger-Based Learning

Hunger-Based Learning More Please Yet another concept I picked up from Liberty Church, although I’m pretty sure it wasn’t original with them. A teaching principle that some pastors have learned, and lots of motivational speakers live by:?Stop talking before your audience wants you to. Leave them hungry for more. Yes, a great concept, and I […]

Pick Three, or Just One?

Pick One Inspired by Seth Godin post from late 2013 (well worth the 30 seconds it will take to read), re: 3 friends, 3 books. Seth posted this roughly a year ago. The idea, pick some books, some friends or co-workers, have everyone read the same books, and build from that a shared reference point […]

The Change Pyramid

The Change Pyramid I’m a big fan of the Arbinger Institute books Leadership and Self-Deception and The Anatomy of Peace One of the concepts from Anatomy of Peace is called the Change Pyramid. Real simply, the idea is to build systems and processes (or training) that help people do the right things, rather than complaining […]

The Courtesy of a Response

The Courtesy of a Response Most definitely stepping up onto a soapbox here – this is one of my pet peeves. Yes, I am directing this at a few friends as well as the world at large. I’ll put on my flak jacket if needed. I don’t understand businesses who advertise their phone number, their […]

Beginnings: Dear Younger Me

Dear Younger Me The MercyMe song, Dear Younger Me, hits right at the heart of what this Beginnings series is all about. What if I could go back, and talk to my younger self, could I save a lot of pain for the other me? Of course, everything I would tell my younger self, I’m […]

Beginnings: Focus on the Long-Term

Focus on the Long-Term (beginning with eternity is a good idea) For some of us who are detail oriented, it’s very easy to get caught up in tasks and forget about the long-term purpose. Big reminder to self: begin with the end in mind. Routine and habits are good, but only if they are leading […]


Co-Reading Reading with a partner; sharing what you’ve learned. This idea originated with Liberty Church in Marietta, GA with what they call the One Year Challenge, or OYC. Perhaps over-simplifying, the idea is to read through the new testament in a year. (it won’t take that long) Agree with your reading partner what you’ll read […]