The Desired Dropbox Alternative

We want to offer the simplicity of the Dropbox connectivity model to corporate storage. The Dropbox model is so very attractive: it’s moderately affordable, easy, and it works. How do we keep all the great parts of that? Counter-thought: what’s wrong with Dropbox that we all so desperately want an alternative? (possible security issues and […]

Document Collaboration Solutions

Document Collaboration — is there a solution that really works? Different organizations certainly have different needs in document collaboration. Here are the requirements that I think I am looking for. Please share your thoughts in the comments! Truly live updating. More than one person at a time can be editing without conflict Ability to know […]

Flashback Friday: No More Tape Backups?

The post below was from October 2007. Still using tape? (I am, but much less) Afraid I have lost the bumper sticker from below. Anybody know where I can get another? No More Tape Backups? Is it possible to eliminate tape and still have backups, and archives, including off-site, disaster recovery, and business continuity?? I […]

Flashback Friday: Generator Fail

Flashback Friday. This post on failure is from October 23, 2006. I really thought about using this during yesterday’s #citrt “biggest fail” contest. Emergency Preparedness – This is ONLY a Test Last week, we had all sorts of “interesting things” happen.? Why should this week start out any differently? Monday, 2 AM, got the alert […]

Flashback Friday: Prioritization Fun

Flashback Friday. This post on prioritizing is from August 2006. Prioritization Fun I just did a fun (as in take a risk, hope you don’t get fired!) little exercise for our management staff. To start, I put a few “project” names on some 3×5 cards and put them out for review with a comment like […]

The Juggling Facility Manager

Flashback Friday: As seen at the Church IT Roundtable (CITRT), at Church of the Resurrection, 10/3/2007. The Juggling FMer As seen at the Fall roundtable 2007 in Kansas City.? Thanks to Clif Guy and Church of the Resurrection, and especially to Dick Cooper, the juggler himself! . .The “famous” Juggling Facilities Manager Video 1 What […]

Dropbox Alternatives – Why?

Recently, a few Church IT people in the Atlanta area had a local roundtable. One of the discussion topics was Dropbox alternatives. What we quickly discovered was that people had lots of different reasons for considering alternatives! Why do people like Dropbox? Quite simply, it works and it’s easy to use. If you haven’t read […]

Flashback Friday: Peroogle

From February 2007, referencing the 2005 installation of the Google Mini. What a great device it was in it’s day.   The Original Peroogle Press Release It’s been almost two years since we brought in our Google Mini, aka “Peroogle.”? Just for fun, I thought you might like to see the way we first introduced […]

User Advocate

The terms User Advocate and User Advocacy have been on my mind these last few weeks. On a whim, I just did a LinkedIn search and came up with over 1000 people who have that as a key phrase in their profiles. There are real people who are identifying themselves as User Advocates! Companies are […]

Flashback Friday: Trusted, Friendly, Used

Flashback Friday. This post first appeared July 23, 2007. Thinking about how much this coincides with A Powerful User Experience. Revisiting the ?Software Acceptance Triangle? Back in Nov 2005, I posted about key needs of a ChMS.? At that time, I used the terms Trusted, Used, and Easy. Well, “Easy” wasn’t the right word.? A […]