Do you have more than one priority?

If so, how is that working for you? Priority used to be a simpler word. It was, by definition, just one thing. Maybe we should go back to that. At least, only one priority per day. Can you stretch that to a week? A month? Imagine if you focused your attention on just one thing […]

What is a “finisher?”

What is a “finisher?”(hint: I am one!) Do you find yourself starting a lot of things, but rarely finishing? Join the crowd! Lots of good people, who know what they are doing, often end the day with important things left undone. How often do you fail to get things done? Important things? Do you miss […]

Not Enough Time in the Day?

Image: TimeAndChoice This applies to so many things, including getting your work done each day. I often hear it in Discipleship and similar where people tell me they don’t have enough time to read a book or read the bible. And yet, they manage to post dozens of things on Facebook. They may watch hours […]

Trouble Getting Enough Done Each Day?

Do you get to the end of the day and think that you didn’t get enough done? Or, maybe, you got a lot done, but it wasn’t the most important stuff. Countless books have been written, speeches given, etc., on how to manage your time or otherwise get the right things done. And plenty of […]