Put Dates on Things!

Just feel like being nit-picky today. These are things that are very important. Well, to me. This might be a Peter Drucker idea, although I don’t really remember where I got it. Just sounds like him. Put a date on everything! A real date, including year. If only I could retroactively teach this to my […]

Stepping Back in Time

Over the weekend I needed to hand draw a scale drawing of some construction plans. I’ve had most of this stuff, and a lot more, since my days in Engineering Graphics 101 at Georgia Tech. What a fun reminder of a time long ago!

Hand-Written Notes

Several years ago, Steve Leveen, the founder of Levenger.com, wrote a beautiful blog post on the value of hand-written notes. As best I can tell, it no longer exists on the web. Fortunately, I saved a copy which I’m reproducing here (with some loss of formatting): Seize the rewards of writing your own handwritten notes…before […]

Son of the President of the United States

Many people who know me don’t know that I’m the son of a President of the United States. Amazing to think so many are so uninformed :) A few years before his death, I was with my dad as he was talking to some people recounting experiences from Korea. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he tossed […]

15 Years on Gmail

Today is my 15th anniversary of using Gmail. I kind of remember thinking this could be interesting ? and wondering if it would catch on? :)

First Manned Launch (times 5)

What an exciting time when SpaceX launched the Dragon a few days ago. I heard a comment about how this is the first launch of the fifth class of US manned space vehicle, and I had to think about it for a few seconds. Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, the Shuttle, and now Dragon. And then I […]


FORTRAN This will really show my age. And my history! It’s been a long time since I remember reading a book or article by Edsger Dijkstra, and unfortunately I can’t remember the reference and I can’t find the exact quote. But this is close. “In hiring, I ask the prospect if he knows FORTRAN? If […]

Harold A. Dye, 1917-2015

At the beginning of November, my dad, Harold A. Dye, celebrated his 98th birthday. Early this morning, he slipped into eternity. Below is a summary biography, which doesn’t even include the time he was president of the United States (it’s a fun and credible story — ask me about it some time). Several of the […]