Oops. Corrected

Readership of my blog is fairly limited. So be it. For a while, comments have been zero, which was weird, until I realized comments were accidentally turned off. Oops! Well, that’s fixed now. Thanks to MM.

What is the cost of healthcare services?

What is the actual cost of any health procedure? Excerpt from a medical form: You go for a procedure, the “cost” is say, $350, it’s billed to insurance, and the “agreed to” price is like $175 and that’s what insurance pays, and seemingly everybody is happy. Per the above excerpt, basically just for the asking, […]


FORTRAN This will really show my age. And my history! It’s been a long time since I remember reading a book or article by Edsger Dijkstra, and unfortunately I can’t remember the reference and I can’t find the exact quote. But this is close. “In hiring, I ask the prospect if he knows FORTRAN? If […]

Six Second Hugs

As mentioned in The Happiness Project, and elsewhere, the idea that hugs of more than six seconds cause a chemical release that creates some bonding. I happened to have co-read this book with a female, (who by the way is married, and I know her husband, and they live a long way away, just so […]

Flashback Friday: Excellence from the Ziglar Corporation

  Flashback Friday: Excellence from the Ziglar Corporation Flashback Friday. The post below was from December 2010. A bittersweet memory of an interaction with Tom Ziglar regarding his dad, Zig Ziglar. Just days ago I had another opportunity to interact with Tom Ziglar, and of course, it was an excellent encounter. Tom, I miss your […]

Pick Three, or Just One?

Pick One Inspired by Seth Godin post from late 2013 (well worth the 30 seconds it will take to read), re: 3 friends, 3 books. Seth posted this roughly a year ago. The idea, pick some books, some friends or co-workers, have everyone read the same books, and build from that a shared reference point […]

Flashback Friday: The Best Job I Ever Had

Flashback Friday. This post is from October 2010. . . The Best Job I Ever Had I’m often asked about jobs I’ve had in the past, and frequently, the question is asked “What’s the best job you ever had?” This is a tough question for me, because I’ve had so many great jobs. My answer, […]

Too Long, Too Short?

Thinking about reading of “stuff,” articles, blog posts, email, etc., but not so much books. I’ve become very picky about the length of articles I’m likely to read. It is amazing how quickly things filter into the read now, read later (which may be never), and discard now. Length is a big factor. Is this […]

Flashback Friday: Four Dreaded Words

Flashback Friday. This post on meetings is from June 19, 2007. . . Four Dreaded Words “I thought we decided” If you’ve visited me in the past few years, you’ve seen this sign on my door.? We’re constantly looking at how to do meetings better, but this was one of our motivators.? We had so […]