(Yes, that is the plural of Paradox, I looked it up) Paradox: “truth standing on her head to get attention” –G. K. Chesterton Maybe conundrum would be a better word. You choose. I’ve been a collector of some oddities for years. Below is a sampling. This particular set is slightly theology oriented. Keep in mind, […]

25 Million

Passed a milestone on LinkedIn today, 25 million people. That’s a lot! Not sure how significant it is, just noticing.

Debit Card Compromised

I’ve now experienced that awful feeling of having my Credit/Debit card credentials compromised. Maybe this was from the Home Depot breach (seems most likely) but could have been something else. Tuesday, several unusual charges hit my account in quick succession. Kudos to USAA for detecting the issue quickly, then equally quickly making it “not my […]