The Perfect ChMS Add-On

  I’ve been looking to help a few churches with the “perfect” Church Management tool add-on. Over and over, churches need a better, or easier, or friendlier, or find your own phrase that fits, solution for queries and selections. Most churches, occasionally, need to do some wild and crazy query of their database. Something like […]

Making Things Natural

From the Jobs movie. ?I think you believe that the computer, or the Walkman, or whatever it may be, should be a natural extension of the individual, and it’s that mission, that devotion to quality” — Jony Ive (the movie characters, perhaps not the real one) This quote, whether it’s really from Jony Ive or […]

Dropbox Alternatives – Why?

Recently, a few Church IT people in the Atlanta area had a local roundtable. One of the discussion topics was Dropbox alternatives. What we quickly discovered was that people had lots of different reasons for considering alternatives! Why do people like Dropbox? Quite simply, it works and it’s easy to use. If you haven’t read […]

User Advocate

The terms User Advocate and User Advocacy have been on my mind these last few weeks. On a whim, I just did a LinkedIn search and came up with over 1000 people who have that as a key phrase in their profiles. There are real people who are identifying themselves as User Advocates! Companies are […]

Flashback Friday: Trusted, Friendly, Used

Flashback Friday. This post first appeared July 23, 2007. Thinking about how much this coincides with A Powerful User Experience. Revisiting the ?Software Acceptance Triangle? Back in Nov 2005, I posted about key needs of a ChMS.? At that time, I used the terms Trusted, Used, and Easy. Well, “Easy” wasn’t the right word.? A […]

Passwords or Pass-Phrases?

Revisiting password ideas, there is a lot of suggestion that passwords are dead, old fashioned, going away, or just don’t work. Soon we’ll have bio devices that take their place and are hack proof? OK, let me know when that happens! Especially if they are common-place and affordable (and actually work). Many people have moved […]

User Advocacy, or Action Transformation Methodology

Action Transformation Methodology. Isn’t Transformation what we want when it comes to equipping staff? (Isn’t it sort of the goal in almost everything in life?) Action Transformation Methodology is not a term I came up with. In searching out training concepts I stumbled upon this phrase on the site of Sherry Bevan Consulting, and instantly […]

User Enablement

Think about something you could do for your users (Staff, Employees, even friends and family). Something that is there for them when they want it. Something that is easy to interact with, without having to wait. And something where you can tell your progress instantly, without any effort. How would you like something like that […]

Start with Culture

This post is inspired by a recent conversation with Chris Rivers of Culture Bus. If you know me, you know that I’ve long thought helping a new employee get a good start is one of the most important things an employer can do. Hence, orientation ideas that empower on day one. Clearly, orientation will go […]

Training vs. User Experience, Part 2

Continuing from the previous post, still just thinking out loud… Maybe training isn’t the real issue. After all, most training fails! Designers try their best. Developers try their best. Trainers try their best. So do users. But something isn’t working. What if we went a slightly different route that doesn’t focus on any person or […]