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I’ve Moved!

In July of 2005 (oh my!) I started blogging. My tool of choice at the time was TypePad, and they served me well. Somewhere in 2011, I got busy and quit! (oh my again!) Worse, I started setting up a new blog site with another company I think the world of, ClickHost. But somehow I just didn’t get going again. Not from lack of material. I have hundreds of topics in the queue. Ah well … that’s where I was, now I’m here, and maybe I’ll even make this new site pretty sometime soon.

Meanwhile, my old stuff is still available at I hope I’m really back. I need to be!

Oh, by the way, I’m finally using my other URL so I’m easier to find at


It’s amazing how slow I’ve been switching to my new blog. Soon (really?) I’ll do the work to put this under a real name, like, rather than just an IP address. So far, I don’t think anybody but the spammers have found me. If you’ve already found me, how about letting me know. Feel free to send me an email or find me on twitter. I’m TonyDye on both Gmail and Twitter.

Memory vs. System

Continuing the thought of what should I trust to Evernote, there is the counter-thought: what must I commit to memory? Aren’t there some things I need to know, even if I don’t have my trusted system available?

The easy answer: ‘yes.’ The harder question: what are those things?

  • My computer’s login password is a good one
  • My LastPass password is another key item
  • Things like “where I live” come to mind. (Embarrassing? How often I have to look up my own address!)

That’s a rather short list!

How Much Should I Trust Evernote?

EvernoteDavid Allen’s Getting Things Done suggests getting things out of your brain and into a “trusted system.” For the past few years, I’ve increasingly used Evernote for that purpose. I have tremendous trust of Evernote. To the best of my knowledge, it’s never lost anything I’ve put into it, and the ability to retrieve in so many different ways, across all my devices, has been great!

Or has it? As I’ve taken more and more “out” of my brain and into Evernote, I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve gone too far. I no longer try to remember things, because I fully trust my system. My system does a good job for me. But what happens when I don’t have my system? I seriously wonder, do I still “know” anything at all?

I think highly of Evernote and will continue to use it as my trusted system. At the same time, I may want to be intentional about trying to actually remember a few things without having to look them up. Is that possible?

65+ Years – What Has Improved?

ENIAC. Considered the first “real” computer, ENIAC was introduced in 1946 and turned ENIACon in 1947. Here we are nearly 70 years later and technology has sure changed. The average SmartPhone is way more powerful. The dollar store calculator is probably a good rival to what ENIAC could do, at least in some respects.

But, is life better? Didn’t we start down this technology path with the idea that life would get easier? How’s that working out for you?

Sure, we can get a lot more done, we can “know” more about anything and everything, and what we don’t know, Google certainly lets us find. That’s all great. My income for most of my adult life has come from technology, and I’m rather pleased with how that has worked out. My guess is that we’re still in the early stages and that we have a lot more excitement ahead.

Has life become any less complicated? Have computers made our lives easier? Don’t think I’d want to try to defend that position in court!


… With Fear and Trembling

“So then, my beloved, just as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your salvation with fear and trembling; …”
(Philippians 2:12, NASB)

Maybe, just maybe, salvation isn’t supposed to be easy. Simple, perhaps, but far from trivial!



Twenty Seconds of Courage

Inspired by the movie, We Bought A Zoo.

The thought. Really hard things in life just have to be started. The hard part, the scary part, only lasts about 20 seconds. You can stand anything for 20 seconds! Maybe this is the same concept as “Just do it.”

How does this apply to many things in life? Especially, “making that phone call.”