Oops. Corrected

Readership of my blog is fairly limited. So be it. For a while, comments have been zero, which was weird, until I realized comments were accidentally turned off. Oops! Well, that’s fixed now. Thanks to MM.

The Perfect ChMS Add-On

  I’ve been looking to help a few churches with the “perfect” Church Management tool add-on. Over and over, churches need a better, or easier, or friendlier, or find your own phrase that fits, solution for queries and selections. Most churches, occasionally, need to do some wild and crazy query of their database. Something like […]

Which Way Do You Work?

Just curious, do you: 1. Open an app, then find the document? 2. Find the document, then let it open

What Makes Training “Good?”

What is good training? That’s almost a trick question. Which of these are true? Good training is when somebody actually learns something Good training is when somebody learns something new Good training means learning how to do something faster Good training is when the student can pass a test or certification Good training provides the […]

Document Collaboration Solutions

Document Collaboration — is there a solution that really works? Different organizations certainly have different needs in document collaboration. Here are the requirements that I think I am looking for. Please share your thoughts in the comments! Truly live updating. More than one person at a time can be editing without conflict Ability to know […]

Flashback Friday: Excellence from the Ziglar Corporation

  Flashback Friday: Excellence from the Ziglar Corporation Flashback Friday. The post below was from December 2010. A bittersweet memory of an interaction with Tom Ziglar regarding his dad, Zig Ziglar. Just days ago I had another opportunity to interact with Tom Ziglar, and of course, it was an excellent encounter. Tom, I miss your […]

The Change Pyramid

The Change Pyramid I’m a big fan of the Arbinger Institute books Leadership and Self-Deception and The Anatomy of Peace One of the concepts from Anatomy of Peace is called the Change Pyramid. Real simply, the idea is to build systems and processes (or training) that help people do the right things, rather than complaining […]

Making Things Natural

From the Jobs movie. ?I think you believe that the computer, or the Walkman, or whatever it may be, should be a natural extension of the individual, and it’s that mission, that devotion to quality” — Jony Ive (the movie characters, perhaps not the real one) This quote, whether it’s really from Jony Ive or […]

Flashback Friday: Four Dreaded Words

Flashback Friday. This post on meetings is from June 19, 2007. . . Four Dreaded Words “I thought we decided” If you’ve visited me in the past few years, you’ve seen this sign on my door.? We’re constantly looking at how to do meetings better, but this was one of our motivators.? We had so […]

My Love/Hate of Video

Is this just an age thing? Seems there is such a demand and audience for video content. Video on your phone, video on web sites, etc. OK, I’m not anti-video per se, but video demands a big chunk of time before I can tell if it’s interesting. Video just can’t be skimmed! You want to […]