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This page is for the attendees of the Cross Pointe Church Career Ministry (CPCCM) which meets the 1st Thursday night?of most months.

A new resource as of April 2017. Several Atlanta area Crossroads-affiliated churches have joined together to provide resources. Check out the new site, AtlantaCrossroads.org.


2018 Meeting Schedule? (subject to change. Last updated 2/3/2018)

Handouts and other information from past presentations.

Job Search Basics and High-Level Overview
May 18, 2017. Dan
Ten Steps to Land a Job (PDF)

September 3, 2015. Tony
Job Search Basics

Progress check; getting unstuck
December 3, 2015. Tony
GetUnstuck Presentation
Stuckness Review

1. BEFORE you start a job search

October 5, 2017. Tony
Preparing for a Job Search (formerly “Are you sure you’re ready for a job search?”)
Reference articles:

Career Advice in Seven Words
8 Better Ways to Get Hired
Cognitive Control

January 8, 2015. Tony
1_AreYouReady (presentation)

1a. Stress Management
March 16, 2017. Dan
Stress & Stress Management March 2017

2. Build your systems; how do you keep up with your stuff?

Organizing Your Job Search
November 2, 2017. Tony
Presentation (Preliminary, may change slightly after Nov. 2)

2a. Are You Making Progress? — Accountability and Checklists
April 16, 2015. Tony

2b. Don’t Chase Squirrels — Accountability
April 30, 2015. Dan
Don’t Chase Squirrels How to Be Time Efficient in Job Search April 2015

3. Choosing Your Career

Finding Fulfilling Work
December 7, 2017. Perry Rhue and Tony Dye
Reference Articles:
Your Resume Should Be More Than A List of Skills
How Resumes Have Evolved
Your Soft Skill Inventory
Startup Of You Slide Summary

Criteria and Tools to Identify Careers
Presentation?(PDF) February 1, 2018. Dan

“What is a Good Career for You?”
Presentation (PDF) January 22, 2015. Dan
Tools To Identify Careers. May 2016. Dan

“Who Are You … Really?” April 6, 2016, Perry Rhue
Presentation:?Who You Are_PerryRhue?(PDF)
Handout/Worksheet:?Activity Sheets_PerryRhue

4. Build your COMPANY target list
June 4, 2015. Tony

4a. Keeping a Prospect Company Pipeline
November 12, 2015. Tony

5. Build contact lists
June 1, 2017. Dan
How To Attract Recruiters

February 12, 2015. Tony “Contacts & Connections”
05ContactsConnectionsTips? (presentation)

6. Marketing Plans
February 19, 2015. Dan. “How to Market Yourself”
06 How To Market Yourself (presentation)
April 2016 How to Market Yourself (updated, April 7, 2016)
Marketing Plan example #1
Rich vonBiberstein Marketing Plan

7. Networking
To be rescheduled from January 18, 2018. Tony. Rethinking Networking
? Connections with Integrity
Startup of You

August 20, 2015. Tony. “ABCs of Networking”
ABCs of Networking

7a. Personal Networking 101
“ALL networking is personal, one-on-one”
January 7, 2016. Tony
Personal Networking 101 Presentation

7b. Networking Workshop
February 4, 2016. Dan & Tony
Networking Workshop Presentation
ABC-123 Worksheet

7c. Networking Workshop 2
March 17, 2016. Tony
Networking Workshop 2

7d. What’s Your Story??
January 19, 20167. Tony
YourStory (Presentation)

8. Resumes
The Science of Resumes, Dan, April 2016

April 2017:?ResumePresentation4-2017

9. LinkedIn
Part 1: LinkedIn Part 1 April 2015, Dan
Part 2: LinkedIn Part 2 May 2015, Dan
LinkedIn Reviewed, February 19, 2016, Dan

10. Interviewing
February 5, 2015. Dan. “How to Interview”
How to Interview PDF

January 21, 2016. Dan.
How to Interview Presentation

May 5, 2016. Dan:
5-4-2017 How to Interview Cross Pointe Slide Deck PDF
What to Wear Handout

Other materials
* March 15, 2018. Dan. “How to Apply for Jobs On-line”
How to apply for jobs online


Last updated: 4/17/2018

You can find my Job-Search related articles here. Please remember, a job search is normally an ordered set of steps. If you try to skip steps, it usually doesn?t work out well. What else would you like to see added here? Suggestions welcomed



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