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More information.

If you want more information, here it is. If you don’t want to know this much, I understand, just ignore the rest.

I’m being very picky in this search. At least to start with. A few of my strong preferences:

  • Weekdays and daytime. I’m fine with starting early, like 6am, or working late, like 7pm, but I’m not much interested in nights and weekends, at least not on a regular basis
  • “Near” home. Initially, I’m targeting organizations within about 10 miles of Braselton West (Center of my 10 mile radius would be the intersection of Spout Springs and Friendship Rd.)
  • “Office” work. Preferably, actually going to an office. Despite being an introvert, I need some people interaction and like the routines of an office environment. Generally, “administrative” in nature

I’m choosing the word “Finisher,” instead of a previous term I’d liked, “Executioner.” Although that was a good aid to starting questions, if tended to force some re-explaining. Finisher fits what I do and the description without any backtracking.

The most likely roles will be Administrative. Think of titles like Office Manager or Business Manager. Internal Training and onboarding are certainly a fit. Lightweight project management is also a great fit — I like to use the term “Action Item Tracker,” where my role is to make sure stuff doesn’t get lost or forgotten.

I actually had the title “Action Item Tracker” years back at Intergraph, and in almost every job I’ve had the role of keeping track of the tasks, just not as a title.


Good people, who know what they are doing, often end the day with important things left undone. I’ll guide you through prioritizing then tracking needed actions. As a result, the right things get done; ending the day with satisfaction in accomplishment, not frustration.

Tagline: “Get the right things finished. Every day!”

Perhaps a logo/icon similar to one of these: