Job Search Right Start

There are a lot of job search ministries, career ministries, job search coaches, resume writing services, etc., who exist to help those looking for jobs. Some do a great job at some component of the search process. Frankly, some don’t do well at much at all, sadly. Unfortunately, the vast majority of what’s out there focuses on the end?of the process, writing resumes, crafting LinkedIn profiles, interviewing techniques, and maybe salary negotiation. However, few, if?any, help the job seekers with some of the earlier steps in the process, like determining what you really want to do and how to manage a job search. An amazing number of job seekers have spent enormous time, and sometimes money, on a resume, but can’t tell you succinctly what sort of job they are looking for! This is sad, and unfortunately, a very negative statement about many ministries. Perry Rhue and Tony Dye are trying to put together something that addresses, step by step, how to start a job search and prevent people from burning time and money in the wrong place. Our analogy is building a ten story building. You can’t build the 7th floor first!

Right now, we’re doing some presentations at Career Ministries while we build out our materials. We would like to consider this as a revenue producer ahead, but we have that internal conflict of charging a bunch of money to people who are unemployed. That’s actually one of the things that’s most bothered us about some other services. So, we hope we can come up with a model that’s a small financial commitment, perhaps a subscription, or a low fee per lesson. Maybe some low-cost workshops. There will almost for sure always be a free component to what we do, and we certainly don’t either one expect to get rich from whatever we do here.