Search One Pager

Week of February 7, 2022:

Search: top 5 priorities

  1. More Prayer note distribution:
    1. Tommy S, David T, Brent Mc, Kaleb M;  Al C, Charm, Kenny P, Kitty R, Todd L, Ilisa
    2. Ron G, Sonship guys, MMBMG, Ken C, Bob F, Robert & Gigi M
    3. Todd L, What about John & Elizabeth H? Steve W? Paul T?
  2. Job search accountability / coaching team. Candidates:
    1. Trey, Bernie, Monte, Heaney?, Todd L?
    2. Share my weekly one-pager
  3. Target List:
    1. Organizations: Planning & Development connections, 1904 “building,” Asa Carlton, ESG Operations (Winder), Chico’s DC (Winder)
    2. People connected to organizations: Jenifer Scott, Kevin Keller
    3. Networking Connections: Keith M, Steve W

Personal priorities

Anything that’s not part of my search. But expect overlap!

  1. Relationship coach! Or communication coach. (Ask Scott for ideas?) TreyW: Randy Renbarger! What about Tommy S?
  2. Minimalist/essentialist. Budget, stewardship, cut expenses, build savings

Development plan

  1. Keep working HoaM study/steps
  2. Minimum 2 contacts a week where search is a key conversation!
  3. Grow my target list!