Survey of Christian Values

Think of the following as statements you agree or disagree with. On a range from strongly agree to strongly disagree, with lots of room in the middle.

  1. What’s confusing or misleading? Please suggest better wording. These are not meant to be tricky, although some may be hard
  2. What’s missing? What are other critical things for a Christian?
  3. What should be included with the expectation of most Christians rejecting?
  4. Which of these can be left out? How can we get this down to well under one page and still be getting a clear assessment?


  1. I believe in the God of the bible
  2. I consider myself a Christian
  3.   I call myself a believer
  4.   I call myself a follower
  5.   I call myself a disciple
  6. I believe in eternal life and a real heaven and hell
  7. I believe the bible is God’s word to us
  8. I trust that the bible is true (whether I understand it or not)
  9. The only absolute truth is from God, as found in the bible
  10. My worldview is based on the bible (or if you prefer, the gospel)
  11. Being a member of a church is a vital part of being a Christian
  12. Studying the bible is a vital part of being a Christian
  13. Daily prayer is a vital part of being a Christian
  14. I accept the concept of the trinity
  15. I understand the concept of the trinity
  16. Some denominations get Christianity right (and others not so much)
  17. God’s grace is sufficient to give me eternal life with Him
  18. There are many paths to heaven
  19. The Holy Spirit guides all parts of my life
  20. God’s wrath is real and to be greatly feared
  21. Jesus was born of a virgin
  22. Jesus willingly died for me
  23. Jesus was resurrected bodily, ascended to heaven, and will return again
  24. Salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone
  25. I can generally recognize a Christian (after a conversation) by seeing the Spiritual fruit in their life
  26. Baptism is required for a Christian
  27. I believe God chose me before I chose Him
  28. I believe God is sovereign over all thing, including natural disasters
  29. The bible tells us that, in certain cases, God changes His mind based on the prayers or actions of His people
  30. Prayer changes the mind of the one praying
  31. Prayer changes actual events and things in the world
  32. People are born sinful. “None are righteous”
  33. No one can ever be good enough for God’s Righteousness
  34. He (Jesus) did what we can’t do. He bridged the gap. He took the punishment, to death. Then conquered death
  35. He changes us (we don’t change ourselves)
  36. When Christ is in us, we will do His works. We will be His hands and feet on earth today
  37. We must have a personal, living, relationship with Jesus
  38. To know is to follow. We will never outgrow our need for Jesus!
  39. Christians are here to show people the errors of their way
  40. Christians are to show love to everyone, including enemies
  41. Christians should always be among the first and foremost to care for the poor, needy, orphans, widows, and anyone else who is not capable of caring for themselves
  42. Christians should hate evil
  43. Christians should hate flagrant sinners
  44. I often think Christians are weirdos!
  45. I regularly tell people about my Christian faith
  46. When people who call themselves Christians behave poorly, I stay out of it
  47. I have family and friends who I’m pretty sure are far from Christianity
  48. If asked, I can explain the gospel in a minute or two (or can talk of it for hours if asked)
  49. I can name a dozen people who I’m confident are strong Christians

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”
— Professor Stephen Hawking

“The greatest enemy of salvation is the illusion of salvation.” (sometimes church-influenced illusion!)
— me