JST: A Few Guiding Principles

A few guiding principles If these things are already obvious to you, great. If they are obvious to you, but you’re not living these principles, well, time for a gut check! Don’t let yourself get stuck being non-productive or doing unwise things. Accountability – you need it A job search is hard work Only employed […]

JST: Things to Avoid

Things to Avoid (like the plague) Your attitude toward your job search can be your greatest asset. Beware of things that can come across as problems. Just a few quick mentions here: If you’re just starting a job search, beware of “begging.” It’s natural to want to find something and quickly. Begging for a job […]

The Courtesy of a Response

The Courtesy of a Response Most definitely stepping up onto a soapbox here – this is one of my pet peeves. Yes, I am directing this at a few friends as well as the world at large. I’ll put on my flak jacket if needed. I don’t understand businesses who advertise their phone number, their […]

JST: The Need for Accountability

The Critical Need for Accountability For most of us, a job search is hard work. Hours of dedicated activity. Research. Stepping outside our comfort zone. Reaching out. Connecting. Following-up. Staying on task. Yet, many, probably most, people in a search drift off path! They get busy. Yard work. House work. Spending extra time with family. […]

JST: Are You Ready to Begin a Job Search?

Are you ready to begin a job search? Does that sound like a silly question? It’s amazing how many people are desperate for a job, yet have a lot of baggage to handle before starting a search. It’s quite a paradox. Be sure you’ve “unloaded” any of that counter-productive baggage before you start your search. […]

JST: Connect, Connect, Connect

Connect, Connect, Connect Networking is the key to a job search. You’ve heard it. Do you believe it? If you do, then a key is to connect with anyone and everyone you meet. Who are the best connections? Who are the people “not worth” connecting with? Not many people are accurate at predicting which are […]

JST: Job Search Strategy

Job Search Strategy A very important early step in a job search is to have a strategy. Even better, have a great strategy. Haphazardly applying for every job you see, calling everyone you know and saying “do you know of a job?”, or whining about the lack of jobs available, are far too often what […]

JST: Job Search vs. Career Search

Job Search vs. Career Search Hopefully this is so obvious that you never need to read about it. Really, I’ll be fine if you skip this post. If you’re in a job search, you must first know what you’re searching for. Funny thing, the more specific you are in what you’re searching for, the easier […]

JST: Other Resources

Other Resources The Job Search Tips on my blog are offered as a resource for Job Seekers. They are my writing, but rarely are they original ideas with me. There are many other great job search resources available, some free, some affordable, some, well, way beyond what I’d consider paying. Unfortunately, what you pay does […]

JST: Your Many Messages. Start Simply

In the course of a job search, you will have many messages to deliver. Cover letters. Resumes. Introduction emails. Voice mail messages. Thank you notes. The list is long. But your story needs to be consistent, and once you have a few paragraphs you like, you’ll find it easy to mix and match and re-use […]