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Flashback Friday: The Best Job I Ever Had

FlashbackFriday150Flashback Friday. This post is from October 2010.



The Best Job I Ever Had

BestJob I’m often asked about jobs I’ve had in the past, and frequently, the question is asked “What’s the best job you ever had?” This is a tough question for me, because I’ve had so many great jobs. My answer, although technically impossible, is that the best job I’ve ever had is EVERY job I’ve ever had! I’ve had a variety of jobs, in a wide assortment of organizations, and I’ve enjoyed them all!

Now in all honesty, it’s not quite every job, although it’s close. I can name exactly one job that wasn’t my favorite. It was a good job. It was a good company. It had great people. I liked what the company did and I liked what I did. Culturally, I wasn’t a perfect fit, so that’s why this one particular job is my “next to favorite” job.

How can I be so lucky as to have all these great jobs? Maybe it’s just that I like working and I like to see quality products and services, and I’m willing to work hard to accomplish an objective. Maybe it’s that I get energized by solving problems. Or maybe it’s that I like challenges and new learning experiences.

I hear of people who don’t like their jobs, and that’s sad to me. I’m intrigued as I meet with people in all types of jobs who continue to be excited about what they do. It seems the concept of “work hard AND enjoy work” is alive and well. Thankfully!